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Dancing with Reindeer:

Discovering My Nordic Family

with the Help of DNA

Do you have an ancestor whose story has lived in your imagination for years? Has it become a passion of yours to discover if that story is real or fiction?

Armed with a lifetime of family stories, letters, and U.S. created documents; Jeanne Bayer felt like she all her ducks in a row to begin her search. She quickly discovered that Nordic/Scandinavian family history research has some unique difficulties, including a language barrier and an unusual naming system. After coming up empty with her search, Jeanne turned to DNA testing.

Discover how DNA revealed her Finnish ancestors’ past - a past, undocumented in the paper trail she generated throughout her life in America. Without DNA testing, Jeanne would likely have spent a lifetime searching for an ancestor she would never be able to find.

Lecture by: Jeanne Bayer

Location: Visit the DNA Genealogy Group of Long Island at the Sachem Public Library

Saturday, November 2, 2019, 10:30 am
All are welcome to this free event