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DNA Challenge of the Month

activities that will promote genetic genealogy success

Become familiar with MyHeritage DNA tools

July-August 2019

Daniel Horowitz, of MyHeritage, will be the featured speaker at the DNA Genealogy Group of Long Island's August 3, 2019 meeting. Make the most of Daniel's visit by becoming familiar with the MyHeritage site and the DNA tools they offer.

Become an active member of the
DNA Genealogy Group of Long Island

At our June 1, 2019 meeting, we're celebrating with our
2nd annual
DNA Genealogy Group of Long Island

Anniversary Party

Bring a dish and wear a DNA inspired article of clothing or accessory, and you'll have extra chances to win one of our fabulous DNA prizes​.  Also, be sure your membership is up-to-date. Current members will have an additional chance to win our DNA prizes.
Be sure to register with the Sachem Public Library

Upload your DNA results from other testing companies to MyHeritage for free

May 2019

...or pay the $29.00 fee to unlock all their DNA tools. A prize will be awarded to one member, who takes on this challenge, at our May 4, 2019 meeting

Ask your AncestryDNA matches to link a family tree...

April 2019

...and then keep track of how many of your matches do it. At our April 6, 2019 meeting, we'll be awarding a prize to our most successful tree-linker