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Strategies to Analyze Endogamous DNA

Saturday, September 7 – 10:30am-12:30pm

Sachem Public Library Community Room

150 Holbrook Road, Holbrook, NY

The DNA Genealogy Group of Long Island is pleased to present Alec Ferretti, 

This lecture will discuss how best to weed out false-positive DNA Matches that test-takers from endogamous groups face daily. Alec will outline the data (both peer-reviewed and crowd-sourced) that demonstrates the unique ways in which endogamous populations match each other. Then, by using visualizations at RootsFinder, DNA Painter, and Genetic Affairs, he will illustrate webs of interrelationships of endogamous test-takers and identify genetic pile-up

regions. Although there is no surefire method as of yet to remove false matches, by having a better understanding of endogamy, we can better analyze match data.

Lecture by: Alec Ferretti

DNA Genealogy Group of Long Island at the Sachem Public Library

How to register for this event:

To register by phone:

CALL the Sachem Public Library at 631-588-5024

To register online – click HERE